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Frédéric Bonan

Frédéric Bonan

CEO – I-Deal Development



I-Deal Development – Paris | CEO-Founder
Since 2005

Development consultancy firm

  • Seven-fold multiplication of share value in 3 years

Redefinition of the strategic plan of a company in the health sector (Laboratoire Oligosanté) 
Implementation of a marketing structure. Aid in the founders’ achievement of capital.

  • OBO achievement

Definition of a strategy allowing a group of founding shareholders to achieve their assets. 
Implementation with Rothschilds of an LMBI transaction for the Laboratoires Filorga.

  • 40% turnover growth and multiplication of value by 7 times in 3 years for the shareholder
Asian International Development | Consultant
  • Construction of a network dedicated to outsourcing and BPO in India and the USA
  • Construction of a network in China dedicated to import-export, delocalisation and banking services
  • Analysis of the success factors in establishment in Asia (sales, production, management, network)
Altran Group | CEO
1997 – 2003
  • Arthur D. Little

Implementation of a new international organisation

Appreciation of key practices and people

Revaluation of sales processes

  • Marketing management

Analysis of offers and the repositioning of some companies

Establishment of an international network of 40 collaborators

Definition and monitoring of strategic focusses with validation of media plans

Deployment of a BtoB marketing plan involving 200 companies with impact analysis

Repackaging and on-going enrichment of offers

Implementation of a study, benchmarking and statistical service

  • Sales management

Definition of objectives and performance criteria

Mobilisation of sales forces (around 900 managers)

Organisation and hosting of seminars

Development of tools and organisations emphasising stimulation

Definition and implementation of profit-linked salary systems from that already in existence

Improvement of negotiation techniques and repackaging of prices and contracts

Implementation of a specific and extremely selective international recruitment system 
(80 to 250 managers per annum)

  • International management

Identification and analysis of markets and players

Creation of start-ups with launch and mentoring of a leadership team

Acquisition of companies accommodating local cultures without generating staff losses

Deployment and diversification of offers

Development of synergy through the creation of an international co-ordination department

Setting up of local holding teams allowing access to group services

  • External growth management

Process analysis and methodology implementation

Setting up of an international team of 12 collaborators (5 nationalities)

Setting up of a competitive studies service

Study and selection of targets according to various audits

Acquisition of targets involving various key players

Setting up of recovery and integration teams from the acquired companies

Definition of axes for restructuring or reorganisation

Participation and success in the USA “auction process”.

  • Human resources management

Setting up of audit teams

Definition of objectives and recruitment priorities

Monitoring of general recruitment procedures

Regular involvement with the group’s general managers in order to accentuate their efforts regarding both quantity and quality

Regular participation in the recruitment of key personnel

Implementation of new salary policies

  • Personal development management

Development and deployment of the function to 18,000 collaborators

Analysis of forces behind employee motivation and demotivation

Identification of high flyers outside the chain of command

Acceleration of the careers of consultants, managers and leaders

Management of internal conflict

  • “Managerial knowledge”

Identification and formalisation of “best practice” with country-appropriate cultural adaptation (5 languages)

Creation of the Altran Management Institute (requiring 76,000 man hours spent per annum)

Development of cycles towards top management, including such aspects as: 
sales growth, margin improvement, recruitment and team-building.

  • Management of internal organisation (excluding finance and accountancy)

Setting up of a lively exchange network at manager level

Deployment of operational coaching for each company

Creation of a SCAN network (Senior Consultant Advanced Network)

Upgrading of the information systems’ Interact network

Spotlight on less valued jobs

Mobilisation of purchasing, secretarial and reception posts (performance indicators etc.)

  • General Management (supervision of operating functions)

Identification of key personnel and setting up of a strategic planning group

Coherence in strategic vision

Definition of tactical expansion lines

Identification and mobilisation in priority areas

Definition and evolution of business models (services, consultancy, design office etc.)

Study and setting up of synergies


Altran Group – Paris | Marketing and Development Manager
1990 – 1997
  • Launch of regional activities from point zero (now more than 15 cities, turnover 250 M€)
    then international development of the group (now 24 countries, 700 M€)
  • Creation and management of functional departments oriented towards value creation


Altran Group – Paris | Altran Business Engineer
1988 – 1989
  • Development of a profit centre
  • Transition from 0 to 40 consultants in 9 months


2MI – Paris | Strategic Studies Manager





1986 – Engineering degree – ENSMA


1987 – Vice-President of the National Confederation of Junior Businesses


1988 – Master Marketing Management – ESSEC 


  • French 100% 100%
  • English 100% 100%

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Financial strategy


Company evaluation

Mergers and acquisitions